Usher — Call Me A Mack lyrics

Usher speakingYo!What's sup?Hey!My name is Usher,You can trust there ain'tNo punks in this house,And if U really wanna know what my name isJust Call Me A MackWord,Right!Just call me the mackAnytime baby,Cause I ain't confusedUsher singing I maybe got some,But I got a Whole lot on manly in meSo I'm afraid That I can't complain (Huh, ha!)I don't mindIf U wanna come by my cribAnd chill,But just be sure That U call me firstBecause the last girl that triedTo just be droppin' on by (Oh, no)Learned how to play a playerAnd do U know why,Because the mackHookJust Call Me A Mack Cause I got it like thatU gotta play by the rulesOr I'll get back with UIt's a well known factThat I got it like thatU gotta play by the rulesJust Call Me A MackNow, baby I ain't dumbAnd all those silly Games that U playI see right throughSo let me kick it to yah (To yah!)I don't have a lot of girls,But I gotta know I'll get the respect that I give[Call Me A Mack lyrics on]That's just the way I liveBecause the last girlI had was movingThings too fast (Slow down)She tried to pull a foolerAnd do U knowWhat had happenedHook (twice)Usher's RapThe mack is right hereAnd yes I care as muchJust giving a little loveIt's spreading everywhereU see it'sHereHereAnd hereCatch a feelingI'm having a little troubleI know my girl will alwaysHit itPit itLike an orangeCause it looksLike numbnessMy lovin' andHugin'And bitternessMy peeps keepPumpin'Humpin'On stageI'm engagedAnd yesThe truth is itU see anUgly womanU better changeUsher singingOh, yesLike Ushers' my nameI can't go changingMy ways (Oh, no)As long as I'm chillin'Then babyU can call me the mackHook (3 times)
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