Usher — One Day You'll Be Mine lyrics

ONE DAY YOU'LL BE MINE...(intro)Check it outCome onI'm sayin'You gon' be mine(verse 1)Fist time I saw you babyYou did something to meThat no else has ever doneOh... it's something in your eyesCaught me by surpriseAnd told me that you were the oneOh... but what's bad is I know you got(want) a manAnd he'll never understandThe chemistry between me and you... oh babySomething inside of meIt's saying you and I were meant to beIf you can think it you can have itThat why I believe[One Day You'll Be Mine lyrics on](chorus)One day you'll be mine (mine)No more creepin' , sleepin' aroundOne day you'll be mine(verse 2)Now every time I see you babyIt's plain to seeThat I'm everything you've been missin atHome babySo much love to shareIt's something in the airTellin' me I should never leave you aloneBut even throughI know you got(want) a manHe'll never understandThe chemistry between me and you.... oh babyYou can try to stop it but i won't quitYou say you don't when you know that you want ItI know, one day you'll be mine(chorus)
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Songwriters: Raymond, Usher / Jasper, Christopher H / Isley, O'Kelly / Isley, Rudolph / Isley, Ronald / Isley, Ernie / Dupri, Jermaine Mauldin / Isley, Marvin / Seal, Manuel Lonnie
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