Usher — Seduction lyrics

(whisper) sexy sexy sexyusher speakin: you got is you got itseduce mejust to get my attentionsend a note and a drink when we made eye connection she nodded and winkon this note it said:it's 'bout time we get togetter lets dance now, hook up laterwe can do whateverShe had confidenceBut it is all part of the gameCause to her.. who I'm with.. Don't really mean a thingShe knew just what I like and now I'm thirsty for moreSeductionnSensual sexy erotichow you workin your bodyyou make me do it do it to yaseductionYou thought out your bestTo get me outa control, babyThe more I play around with yaMake me wanna getDown You got my attention What you gon' do with it? Baby turn around Stick it out I wanna see it She made the first move smoothIntoxicatin' She crazy Im fightin' not to lose control Now I'm feeling a little tension Don't know whose watchin' GETTIN' BIG In too deep And I can't stop it (Your making me)Your making itHARD for me to stay HARD to walk away[Seduction lyrics on]HARD don't wanna play no moreHARD I can't take it babySeduction[Chorus]Baby whatever you wantGirl you got itLong as your satisfiedCos' it's so hard to resistOh your bodyGot me on fireGot vivid thoughts in my mindThe positions that I'm gonna try But is it worth all the burnShould I risk it? Just for one nightOnce I give itShe's gunna winEither way I loseBut I gotta have you I'm tryin' to chillBut she's got me on the spotShe's so cockyAnd the way she watchin' meGot me feelin' hott, uhShorty know that I gotta girlAnd I really can't break the rules Plus poparatzi snappin shots And it's hard for me to shake these fools So do IOne: put it on herWork my way to the frontDo ITwo: Do my part And sure don't try to pull no stunts Or maybeThree: Chase the catCos' she's sending me on the hunt Naw,F**k thatI aint no punkIm gunna give shorty what she want!Seduction[Chorus][Repeat 3x]
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