Usher — Smile Again lyrics

Oh ooh yeah ah oh yeahLa La La La La La LaSmile againJust smile againI'll always be there for youWhat can I do to make you smile againJust smile againI'd like to know what's on your mindBecause I see you crying all the timeI don't understandWho'd wanna hurt your heart like this andCause you so much painHere's my shoulderYou can lean on meI wanna see you happy(I want to see you happyWhy not just let me make you smile again)ChorusJust wanna see you smile[Smile Again lyrics on]How I can ease the pain you feelWhat can I do to take the tears awayBaby talk to meYou say he's hurt you many timesBut now that's over let me take his placeYour problems I'll eraseYou need someone that you can depend onTo brighten up every day (every day) oh yeahI am the one that you been searchin' forAnd all you have to do isSmile again for me yeah(Smile again for me)Let me be the oneLet me be the one to make you smileSmile againJust smile againLet me love you I can show youJust what it means to mePlease smile for me
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