Valentine — Tears In The Night lyrics

I can still hear you cry...
Why, why is it always the same
Someone is left with the pain
And somebody else is to blame
I'm alright, I've learned to love without you by my side

When I remember those nights in your arms
Girl, I just don't know
And when I think of the love we had
The memory can be so cold... I remember when

Tears in the night
I can still hear you cry when we said goodbye
Tears in the night
After all we'd been through you lied, and we said goodbye

How, how can lovers be so blind
They take for granted what they find
And never see the warning signs
But I'm alright, yeah I'm all alone in the heat of the night

When I dream of those nights in your arms
The feelin' comes on so strong, it goes on and on and on


All that we had and we never took some time to realize it
But everything's gone and now you'll find you can't live without it

Now everything's gone and now you're gonna live without it


How can lovers be so blind
Never see the warning signs
I can hear you cryin'...
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