Valley Of Chrome — Cast No Shadow lyrics

An empty soul is reaching out yet no one hears
An apathetic world revolves -- worthless
Celebrating the misfortune of others
Pour the wine into the glass of depression

I have grown weary of this madness
(Now it won't be the same)
I feel I've lost my trust toward mankind

I've been ridiculed and mocked for no reason
I have nothing but contempt -- and hatred
For those who think they own others' lives
Assume the antagonist's role -- created

I have seen others fade without a trace
(Like footprints in the sand)
I am the one they left behind to die

I heard the summons bell chime
And saw the spirits align
They celebrate my end -- cast no shadow
As I witness others die
Others live with blinded eyes
Conviction will not bend (end) - cast no shadow
I watch the world pass me by
Their selfish ways I defy
I am my only friend -- cast no shadow
Alone in death I reside
No standards, rules to abide
Leave all the chaos behind cast no shadow
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