Vanessa & Ashley Sharky — Think About It Next Time lyrics

Where were you last night
Hold on, I don't want to know
I saw your new car in the front
Of the bar
I didn't care of what you think
Of what I did
Yeah yeah
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I took your favorite car and I trashed it
I broke your 100 dallor headlights
I didn't want to think about it
But I saw it
You cheated on me
With a little miss drama queen
Mabe yall
Think about it next time
Ohh wohh

She said she was drunk
Did you drug her
I wouldn't be surprised yeah yeha
Or mabe you'd think you'd get lucky
Cause I now you not
I know it
I know
I'll stop it


Mabe babe youll think about it next time
Think about it next time(4x)
Hey hey hey
Think about it 3x
Think about it next time

Yeah yeah