How gentle is the rainThat falls softly on the meadowBirds high above in the treesSerenade the flowers with their melodies oh oh ohSee there beyond the hillThe bright colors of the rainbowSome magic from aboveMade this day for usJust to fall in loveNow I belong to youFrom this day until foreverJust love me tenderlyAnd I'll give to you every part of me oh oh ohDon't ever make me cryThrough long lonely nights without loveBe always true to meKeep it stay in your heart eternallySomeday we shall return to this place uponThe meadowWe'll walk out in the rainHear the bird's above sing once again oh oh oh*You'll hold me in your armsAnd say once again, you love meAnd if your love is trueEverything will be just as wonderful(*Repeat)Written by Lnzer / RandallPerformed by Sarah Vaughan
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