Veggie Tales — Why I'm Blue By-Miss Kitty lyrics

My life is a disaster...
A sea of endless pain.

A picnic promising the sun,
But giving only rain.

Solisten to my tale of woe,
Before we bid adieu.

It's why my heart is heavy,
It's why I am so blue.

(customers cry)

*Little Joe* Peanuts! Get yer hot roasted peanuts!
*Customer* Over here. I'll take one!

*Miss Kitty continues* Life is a joke. A triffle. A folly!
Even my dog is a melon-collie!

My happy days are through.
That'z why I'm so blue.
That'z why I'm bl-

*Little Joe* Peanuts! Get yer hot roasted Peanuts!
Get 'em while their hot!

*Miss Kitty continues* I'm Through!

*Little Joe* Boy, that song's getting shorter every week.
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