Verbena — Killing Floor (Get Down On It) lyrics

Hey boy I like to know whatever you need to feel good ( to feel good, to feel good)
And you say you can have whatever you want (what you want)
It's your wish, Hey Hey what you say?

Just take out your gun (oo, oo, oo)
And wave it all around (oo,oo,oo)
Don't need to feel like no whore (oo,oo,oo)
Just move out on the killing floor

I know that you have heard the story before, oh babe (oh babe, oh babe)
Just make sure you keep up your end of the deal
For how long (how long), Hey Hey now it's on

Chorus Twice

It feels good (it feels good)
It's your wish (your wish)
Oh babe (oh babe)
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