Vnv Nation — Secondskin (Spoken) lyrics

The sound of words I longed for said
So far pleasure undenied
Just the bloodless touch of skin
Close your eyes and turn
The storm, the fray persists
Columns form in endless rain
No loss of courage or the will
No dignity in staying
There is no love that can endure
Envelop or protect you
Forward go to open seas
The quest it is your master
No time for you to heal yourself
I wish there'd been another way
In time I hope you'll see me as
The one who held you above the waves
Your hope becomes your second skin
To envelop and protect you
The joys were never undeserved
The greatness hid no doubt
So much that you denied yourself
And so much that you never knew
Long realized, the only choice
The empty streets in rain
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