Voltaire — Alchemy Mondays lyrics

Monday, time for Alchemy

I'm buried behind the gallery
Come in and see a band

From Norway or Japan

Pick up the cd while you're able

Some are on a tiny German label

Miss Gothic nyc
Hey, save a dance for me

And do deposit if you please
Some black lipstick on my peepee

Monday time for alchemy

So come in and have a pint
There's a hideous man named Mike

And a bunch of gothic tykes

And George at the bar with his fake fangs on

And hold everything, they're playing my song!
"It gets so lonely being evil"

It's Monday night again

So pull up a chair my friend

And Jason and Althea will be, oh, so glad to see ya
Don't get cake on your velvet cape

Here at Alchemy Mondays
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