Waco Jesus — Blast You In The Face With My Semen, Blast… lyrics

A fucking shithole, welcome to my world you think I give a fuck, fuck you, I detest every
Fucking cunt I don't care about the pain they felt, I have no compassion brutalized and
Beaten beyond recognition desecration terrorized and torturedwith sexual paraphernalia,
You fucking pounding on her ass and crotch with blunt foreign objects spread your fucking
Legs take the fucking pain [2X] un my mind, I'm fucking her, destroying her, still fucking her
I blast you in the face with my fucking semen, I blast you in the face with my fucking fist
Fucking with her my mind, reducing her to shit desecrate, disintegrate, destroy that mother
Fucker brutality. It fucking drives me,you put me in a rage in one second your whole life
Could change, step up if you can take the pain, BITCH Not a drop in her cunt I shot it all
Over her face, no compassion for the cunt I put my fist right through her face [2X] a fucking
Shithole welcome to my world, you think I give a fuck I detest every fucking cunt, I don't care
About the pain they felt I have no compassion blast you in the face with my fucking semen,
Blast you in the face with my fucking fist.....
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