Weeping Willows — Into The Light lyrics

Stockholm in dry white snow
Lights are low
Cars drive by real slow
In the cold
Strangers are passing by
And sometimes I
See right through their minds
But they will never know
Im waiting for her on a corner, my chest is full of hope
Songs about her are playing on my Walkman radio
When she comes by
Shell bring the warmth and melt the ice
Then we will fly into the light
She makes me smile
Diamond flakes fall through the sky
Then we will fly into the light
Life is all frozen here
But I don't care
Cause I will disappear
Into her smile
People are passing by
With staring eyes
I know what's on their minds
It scares me deep inside
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Songwriters: STEVE ROUSE
Into The Light lyrics © KEISER PRODUCTIONS, INC.