Weeping Willows — The Truth In Your Eyes lyrics

As we were walking home that night
Your eyes had lost that loving glow
And I could sense I'd be alone
I held your hand a bit too tight
While I was walking on your toes
And then I knew that you would go
I was hoping that strong love would grow
But like a fool I just didn't know
On my shore the waves went crashing
After ebb there's always a tide
I was blind when signs were flashing
In my heart I tried to deny
The truth in your eyes
I wouldn't let go of your hand
The child within me hid his face
But I would never let it show
I couldn't fully understand
Inside I begged for an embrace
Cause I could feel the cold wind blow
Loneliness was waiting for me
Onlyness is my destiny
On my shore...
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