Wild Orchid — The River lyrics

I went to the river, thinkin' 'bout jumpin' inThinkin' 'bout your ways babyTrying to forget how to swimAs I stood there, watching the train go byOh what a message - that's when I realizedOh baby, is it gonna last very longLook at the river and how it keeps movin' onOh baby, what we have is almost goneLook at the river and how it keeps movin' onMovin' onMy emotions move with the current and the wind[The River lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]No direction and no definite endThat's when I realized how the ripplesIn the water seemed to shineReminds me of you and I baby, at one point in timeAnd just like a river - like a river flowin' - into a waterfallAfter falling are we moving on - I can feel the flowUnder the train bridge - it keeps movin' onGoes down to the whirlpool - it keeps movin' onNo still waters baby, gonna hold me downAll I wanna know is - are you comin' with me
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