Wishbone Ash — Time Was lyrics

I've got to rearrange my life,
I've got to rearrange my world.
I miss you, I need you.

I've got to keep my memories aside,
I've got to try to live again.

Time was, when there were things around,
To be afraid of.
I’d die ‘cause I couldn’t change my mind
And turn the tables.

Time was, when there was no need to stop
And rearrange it.
Now I've got a memory.
And I don't want to change it.

And there's a time for waking up,
And feeling down.
That’s when you have to pick your feet
Up from the ground.

Time was, when I had you around,
I was a strong man.
I need you, to help me make the change
And be a new man.

It takes more than a day and a night for giving.
It's not so easy, to just change your way of living.

Time was, when there were things around,
That bothered me.
The crime was, I couldn't start
To change my history.
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Songwriters: Powell, Andrew / Turner, David / Turner, Martin / Upton, Steve
Time Was lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing