Withering Surface — Black As I lyrics

You Are The salt
In sickness
I Am The wound
In sickness And health

The Music Ceases
As Your noble Touch Pleases
Your predictable Touch Ceases
As The Tirering Music Pleases

You Are The water
In sickness
I Am The flame
In sickness And Health

Maybe, I Want To Cherish
Your Sensual virginity

Maybe, I Want To Cherish
Your Sensual inability

Maybe, You Ask Why
Why You Are, black as I

And Sorrow Fills The Moon
As I kiss her Faithfully
And Shadows Fill The Room
As The beast Take Shape To Win

You're Black, You're Black
You're black as I

When Our thrills Cease
I Leave The World Behind
A delightful Feast I Wish
Oh, Lord, You Know I Tried

Like Blood, A scent In The Sun
So Special, Maybe the only one

And her Flaming lips
Swallow My Endless Mess
And her Lovely heartless Soul
I Soon Have Torn - in two

"All black souls should look
For white elements in themselves"
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