Wolfsheim — Sleep Somehow lyrics

It started with a feeling
A special kind of feeling
We´ve lost somehow

Idle thoughts are reeling
I´m longing for your touch
But you don´t understand
That it means so much

You leave it up to me
To sleep some
How the anger that i feel
Must leave somehow

I hear you breathe... i´m waiting
For the morning light
I miss you... although i´m lying
Right by your side

You leave it up to me...

I don´t know why... our time went by
There´s nothing left to feel
Except this boring kind of anger
That´s wasting me

You leave it up to me...

A fading night... i feel the light
(of) a day that dawn in grey
Overgrowning all my hopelessness... but shadows will

You leave it up to me
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