Worthless United — Something For Everyone lyrics

Suburban skies, don't fall on us tonight.
Don't close your eyes because it might just pass you by.
We know our roots, as they're ground into the past,
Our history has been claimed and framed
So I'm standing up and I'm taking it back...
The future looks bright as it streams across these eyes.
If you can't see then it's probably too late to try.
So turn your back like you would have done sooner or later anyway.
You're just jaded, so frustrated, because you never had to much to say.
Let's have a hey! For the punks and an Oi! For the skins
And an old school go! For the new school kids.
Can't you see the writings on the wall,
It's in our hearts and it's in our souls,
Tonight, is not that far from tomorrow.
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