Wynter Gordon — Back To You lyrics

I can be so vain, so cold sometimes, it's true
I'm such a fool, you don't know that when I lie in bed
I touch myself to you, All the creepy thoughts my mind designed to cope with loneliness
When I pushed away my one true chance to live in happiness

It always comes back to you
It always comes back to you
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I'm afraid to stop, and rest my head and put my trust in us
I'm a fabulous, example of an exhausted wanderer
I can walk all day and smile and say that this here is success
But it don't mean shit unless you're here and you're not and I'm a mess

I took you for granted, I spit in your face
And I let you shadow me with love then throw it away
Now I miss your heartbeat, and I miss your face
And I miss just lying there with you, I'm caught in your space

Always comes back to you, Always comes back to you (repeats)

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