Youth Brigade — Friends lyrics

This is a story of so-called friends, just opportunist, take what they can trust and honour are words to them they smile while they stab you in the back me I got my reasons, you really want to know there's not too much to tell you say that its hurt feelings I don't think betrayal's the mark of true friends I won't have to say it again can't look me in the eye your no friend of mine no reason no reason your just an asshole screw me out of everything I've worked hard for you say its just business nothing personal, you know I'll understand I say it's obvious what a fool I was to trust you never do it again. I don't need anybody to tell me what friends are for only for money coud you be such whores tell you what you want to hear take away allthe things you hold dear and they stab you in the back, so that's my story you know how it ends, don't let yourself get duped by a friend. trust and honour are words to them, they smile while they stab you in the back.
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